So we just got a new computer and now have access to all our photos which is a real treat. I've had so much fun going through old pictures and reminiscing. I know my kids look a lot alike but it still amazes me to see photos of Natalie and think they are Abigail. Abigail argued with me over all the picture we looked at when Michaela and Natalie were about her age. Especially when she saw one of them wearing something that she is wearing now!


Natalie who also had crazy hair like Abigail. Natalie just happened to have hers combed and hadn't pulled it out yet!

Can you tell who this is?

And this one is....?

Up until now it seems that our girls have looked a lot alike.  Emersynne changed all that.  I look at her and see Trevor.  Here is the proof!  In case you aren't sure which one is which, Emersynne is in pink and Trevor is in blue!   (ha!ha!)

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Jenn said...

I think all your kids look alike-- but wow-- Emersynne and Trevor are like clones! What cuties!