Spring has sprung!

We spent some time this afternoon on the campus of Clark University while Jeremiah was getting stuff done in the lab.  It is so nice to finally be able to enjoy some time outside and feel like winter is over and spring is finally here!

Flowers are in bloom, trees area budding, and everything is starting to look green again.  

Natalie must have been in the picture mood because she kept asking me to take her picture.

The kids were a little upset that we didn't go home after Michaela's award ceremony.  They wanted to change their clothes before going to daddy's school.  They still had a good time outside and I held my breath that no nice clothes would end up with holes in them before we went home!


Jenn said...

I love spring-- except for the allergies and sinus infections... Cute pictures of Natalie!

angie said...

That tree is glorious......and Natalie is so cute. All the kids are looking so grown up.

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

What cute pictures of Natalie by that tree. I was wondering what you were doing back there.

Nadia said...

I love East coast trees or REAL trees ;-) They bring spring with all the flowers!!! Natalie looks so cute... she is really grown up.