Mini Olympics

Well, I didn't even know the Mini Olympics even existed here in Worcester but apparently they have been going on for thirty-two years now. This year we found out about it because Michaela was one of the participants. All the public schools in the city send twelve of their sixth graders (six boys and six girls) and Michaela tried out and was selected for the standing long jump.

We left the house at eight this morning so we could get Michaela to the stadium on time and I think it took me an hour the night before to make sure I had lunches, snacks, and all the necessities packed in hopes that the kids would last through the five hour ordeal. I really wanted to stay and watch Michaela but didn't know how the kids would handle it.

It must have been our lucky day because the weather cooperated and the kids cooperated! We had sunshine but a few clouds and a slight breeze to keep the temperature down. Emersynne was content to hang out in her stroller and actually fell asleep after eating her lunch. Trevor, Abigail, and Natalie had a great time climbing up and down the bleachers and watching the races.

Anthony was the only one missing. He went to school and it wasn't until after things got started with the Olympics that I had wished I had pulled him out and let him watch his sister. Natalie got to go because she has home sick yesterday with a fever and I wanted to make sure she was completely over it before sending her back to an enclosed class room full of children.

Of course the last hour the kids were restless and ready to go home and so was I! They occupied themselves by taking pictures of everything around them.

Natalie had fun taking pictures of things in the air,

and mommy,

and Michaela,

and Emersynne!

Michaela did a great job but didn't make it past the semi-finals. She had a lot of fun and was glad that she did so well in her tryouts and was able to be there.


Jenn said...

How fun to have a minu Olympics. Sounds fun. I love that picture the kids took of you!

Amy Soo said...

Hi! Nice to meet u.
Nice pic.
Mind intro?

The Jones Family said...

How fun! Can't wait to meet you all! Do you have permissions to view our blog? It's a nice way to get to know you guys before I actually meet you!

Julia said...

Congratz to michaela! What great fun! And I also love the photo the kids took of you!

Vicki said...

You look wonderful!!!!