Pinewood Derby fun

This morning our ward had a pinewood picnic event. We all got to make cars and enter them in the contest. The kids had so much fun creating their cars and adding the finishing touches with paint.

Abigail's flower car

Trevor's car

Natalie's car

Anthony's car

Michaela's car

Anthony's car won first place in the Cub Scout division which he was very proud of since last year his car didn't even make it across the finish line.

Abigail and Trevor had a great time sending their cars down the tracks and even when the race was over they ran back and forth racing their cars.

Jeremiah and I even worked on cars. Mine looked good enough to eat but didn't do very well on the track.


We called Jeremiah's the icar!


Jenn said...

All of the cars look great! wow to make 7!?... we have a hard time getting the one done!

Julia said...

Everyone's cars look great! Glad everyone had a fun time!

Nadia said...

Those are good looking cars... I love the one with flowers the best ;-) How do you race them across the finish line?

Cami said...

Well! I've never heard of everyone in the family entering pinewood derby! I love those girls cars. i would have wanted to do that as a kid.