Home Alone - Day 1

I'm home!

I had a great time on vacation in Utah, but I had to leave so I could come back and go to work.

I've got a headache now, so I ate my bachelor dinner (yogurt) and am going to lay down. More later.


Okay, I lied.

One picture:

The Jones and Wendel boys, including the "twins"


Bob said...

Nice picture. I'll expect a lot of posts while you're home alone since you'll have nothing else to do.

Jenn said...

Nice picture! what did you do? Took me awhile to figure out the "twins"!! Pretty funny. How nice to be alone. Hope the headache is better

Cami said...

Yes, I just went to that exact spot and took engagement pics of my bro and fiance. Very popular.

Vicki said...

how'd you do that? And where are the REST of those photos?

angie said...

What handsome boys. You only ate a yogurt for dinner? Wow. Hope you enjoy your "alone" time. I'd imagine it's very, very quiet. :)