Vacation week 2

The next week my brother and his family came to town and we were all there for a few days before Jeremiah had to go back home and go to work. My whole family was together for the first time in four years so of course we had to have family photos. We got everybody ready and dressed in their denim whatevers (shorts, skirts, pants, ect) and white shirts and headed over to the pavilion across the street from the American Fork Temple. My sister is a photographer so we decided to make it less painful for us all she would set up her camera and take our photos. Before she had even gotten the camera set up my children started climbing up the rock steps and Abigail followed. On her way back down she freaked out when she saw a bug and stepped off the step and fell on her face. I started running up the steps to get her thinking she would keep rolling down. Fortunately she managed to get her hands under her a little bit and it stopped her fall. She did bang up her face and had a scrape on her chin, a fat and bloody lip, and a big deep scratch that started at her nostril and went down to her upper lip and wouldn't stop bleeding. Somehow we managed to keep the blood off our white shirts but Abigail would not be consoled. We finally gave up and she sat on Jeremiah's lap screaming while we started taking photos. I was so upset that it was my child that would end up ruining family photos. When the flash started going off it distracted Abigail and for a few minutes she forgot about her fall and we actually have some pictures where she is smiling. Since it is a large group photo you really can't see her banged up face. Now that was a very stressful morning!

After lunch the kids got to have a water fight in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. My nephew Spencer and Trevor crashed into each other and Spencer's tooth went into Trevor's head just above the hairline. Both were in tears and the game was on hold for a bit. Trevor's head was bleeding but I was more concerned about Spencer's tooth. After eating otter pops and resting in the shade Spencer was back in the game. Doctor Dean (my sister-in-law) worked on Trevor. The bandaids and and tape didn't stick because of his hair but glue did the trick! The glue held things together so that it could heal and now his head looks really good. I don't think it will even leave a scar!

In spite of the injuries, the kids had a great time with their water fight

So, now that I've gotten the injury report out of the way we can get on with the fun stuff!

Smore's at Nannie and Papa's

Oquirrh Mountain temple open house
Rock climbing

Family dinner at the park

Playing duets with my brother
Ragtime duets

Organ/piano duet of Oh My Father


Walking to Nannie and Papa's house for ice cream

Wood working with grandpa

Eating at Iceberg

Hanging out with cousins

Going to Cabela's

It was a fun week but it sure did go by real fast! Can't believe how much we did in one week. Like I said, lots of photos and lots of memories, and tons of fun!


Vicki said...

What a wonderful photo (except for an unnamed adult who is looking down at who-knows-what???). hee hee
Good job, Photographer Julia!

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

This isn't the actual photos we went with. Julia took lots (hundreds) of photos and we actually got a few with everybody looking at the camera and smiling. I don't have that one yet.