Vacation Week 3

While Jeremiah was busy here at home going to work and working at home, we got to stay in Utah for one more week. Some of the things we enjoyed were:

Playing at the "orange park" (as the kids call it)

Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm
We timed it just right and got to see a cow being milked, the baby horses nursing, and a baby cow being fed a bottle. But of course, the highlight of the evening was the pony ride.

I love the look on Abigail's face. She was so excited to be riding a pony!

Michaela made some new friends

We tried to lock them up while we were there but somehow they got out and followed us home.

Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point

Dinosaur park
My dad took a day off from work and we packed a picnic lunch and went to visit the dinosaurs. It was a hot day but most of the pathways were in the shade which made a huge difference. Abigail wasn't so sure about the dinosaurs but soon realized that they were just statues.
We saw some pretty scary looking animals but I think these creatures were scariest of all!
Notice how Abigail is looking behind her to make sure he dinosaur doesn't move?

Watch out Grandpa Roy! It's going to get you!

Anthony had a good time creating a dinosaur of his own

More ice cream at Nannie and Papa's
The older children loved having more freedom than they are use to and several times walked to Nannie and Papa's house to visit and eat ice cream. After the older cousins left to go home my kids wanted to walk to Nannie and Papa's house again. I went along with them and we had a good visit and of course ate some yummy ice cream.

These are some of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa as he played and teased the kids.


Vicki said...

I love love love these pictures, Tamara. The ones of your Grandfather are priceless!
What wonderful memories you all made on your trip. When's your next trip?

Jenn said...

I love the one of Grandpa and Anthony! What a great trip!

Cami said...

Well, there you are just minutes from my house . . . we haven't been to the farm yet. My boys are begging, but moving can be a bit time consuming . ..