Back to school night

Last week we got to go visit Clark Street Elementary. Trevor was so excited to have us see his classroom and meet his teacher. He had so much he wanted to show us and it was fun to see firsthand what his classroom looks like.

Next we saw Natalie's classroom and looked at some of her work. She had a letter all written and waiting for us so we took a moment to write a note back to her.

At the other end of the school Anthony proudly showed off his locker. Now that he is one of the "bigger kids" he gets to use a locker.

All the kids love their teachers and it was great to get good reports on how they are doing in school. We had hoped to make it a quick visit so we could get kids home and into bed but I guess when you have three classrooms to visit that doesn't make it very quick. Michaela was so excited to tag along and had a great time visiting with her old teachers. She has adjusted very well to middle school but she still wishes she were back at Clark Street. Sometimes it's hard to accept the change and move on.


Jenn said...

I love back to school night! our kids weren't allowed to come though, they save that for Open House at the end of the year!

Vicki said...

My babies! All growing up so fast! Cute! Cute! Cute!!

angie said...

I was wondering how you handled all three classroom visits. We lucked out this year b/c all three classes were at different times.

Cami said...

Ah, back to school night. Good stuff. I kind of miss school.