Summer comes to an end

I guess it had to happen eventually. Summer is officially over and the kids have had three days of school and are enjoying three days off to help them adjust. Things are very different for us this year. I'm used to having my school kids all at the same school but Michaela has moved on to Middle School. She was very nervous about the change but things seem to be going well. Probably the biggest adjustment for us all is the fact that school for Michaela starts at 7:10 A.M. and the bus comes at 6:55 A.M. Right now it's not too bad but I have a feeling that during the dark and cold winter months it will be much more difficult to want to be outside that early waiting for the bus.

Natalie was really excited for school to start and several days before the first day she had planned out what she was going to wear and how she wanted me to do her hair. Anthony said he wasn't excited but I think he really was. I guess he figured it's not cool to be excited to go back to school. I drove them to school on their first day and helped them find their class list. Natalie was very excited to have some of her good friends in her class.

Anthony was a little upset that his friends were in the other class but he has been making the best of it and trying to keep a positive attitude. We are wondering how to deal with the fact that Anthony is in the same class as a certain boy who has a knack for picking on Anthony. Poor Anthony has had to deal with him in the same class since first grade. I keep reminding myself that I can't shelter my children from everything and there will always be people that choose to treat other people poorly but it does make me sad and rather upset to think of Anthony having to deal with that everyday at school. Anthony has been keeping us posted and I am thinking of going in and talking the situation over with the school principal.

Trevor has had a little more quiet time at home as he watched the kids start out the new school year. This is Trevor's year and he is so excited to join the school kids. Kindergarten starts Tuesday and Trevor has had his backpack ready to go for several days. Watch out world, here he comes!

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Nadia said...

Tamara, you have patience of an angel... I think I would have done everything to get my son into a class where his friends are... well you are wiser too ;-) I think they all look excited to go back and I hope Michaela learns to go to bed early because 6:55 am is way too early to catch a bus!