Our first snow day

The kids were so excited to wake up this morning and find out that school was canceled. Our first official snow day of the season. My first thought was "What are we going to do all day?" It's a good thing we had Grandpa Roy and Grandma Cindy here to help keep kids occupied and help keep my sane!

After playing in the snow for a few hours in the morning we had very wet snow clothes, boots, hats, and gloves hanging up all over trying to get dry. The kids kept asking to go out again but the snow had turned to rain and it was a soggy mess outside.

Thankfully the kids sat quietly and listened to The Chronicles of Narnia CD's my dad brought to share with us. The kids have loved the stories and it was a great inside activity.

We survived the long day and even did a little Christmas craft and made some cookies.


Adam and Liz Family said...

Ah snow days!!!! We don't get those anymore. Even though the temps were -15 last week and lots of snow. Does that make sense? I don't know. I guess you've got to be tough out here in the Wild West! It is so fun to look at all your great posts. Natalie and Sam are eight!!! So exciting.

Jenn said...

yah, for snow days! Looks like fun and I forgot that your mom and dad were going to visit you. When is Natalie's baptism?

Cami said...

psh. Snow days. They're so east coast.