Our tree is up

With Thanksgiving over and Natalie's birthday over we packed up the fall decorations and put away the balloons and streamers. We actually had Thanksgiving decorations, birthday decorations, and the Christmas tree up (but not decorated) for a day while we made the transition.

Sunday night for Family Home Evening we decorated the tree. The tree had been sitting in it's place with just the lights on for a few days and Abigail had informed me that it was missing something. I thought she was going to tell me that it needed decorations but she told me how the tree was missing a star and how daddy was going to lift her up so she could put the star on the top of the tree. So that's what we did. The kids had a great time putting the decorations on and Jeremiah and I had a good laugh later when we saw all the clusters of ornaments that we knew Abigail had put on. She liked to put them all on the same branch but didn't mind when we spread them out a bit more.

So far Emersynne has left the tree alone. It helps that it is tucked away in the corner and I'm hoping that she won't venture over there to check things out but I'm sure it is only a matter of time!


Jenn said...

stick it in the corner...why didn't i think of that!! genius! Oh well, the top of our tree looks nice.

Nadia said...

what a nice baby you have ;-) I am glad the tree is up... it sounds like it is super busy at your home this time of year ;-) Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!