Dahhh Sreeeee

It's always about this time that I remember why I hate having Tamara gone:

I am a horrible mother.

Tamara tries to shift my attention away from this fact, but it is true nonetheless.

I am a Dad. I can only do so much. Thank goodness for the dishwasher and Dominos pizza.

Poor Abigail. I dropped her at a friends house today before I spent my half day vacation at work, I mean, before I went to work and took a half day of vacation, and the little waif had a hairdo that only a mother could love and only a father could have possibly concocted. It wouldn't have been so bad if the do didn't bring to mind certain characters from Hellraiser.

[Above statement is neither a promotion or endorsement of Hellraiser by Eastern Blog Country or any of its contributing authors.]

Thank goodness I finally have all the childrens in bed. Now I can head that way too.

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Cami said...

HA! Jake always says if I die, there will never be another good piggie tail or braid on Jane's head again. Probably true.