Happy Birthday Anthony

(I started this post on March 3rd and never got it finished but still wanted to get it up.)

Today is Anthony's 10th birthday. Wow! That seems like such a big boy age. Anthony had a great day and is so excited to be 10. He took cookies into his class, loved not having to do his chores, enjoyed his birthday dinner of chicken cordon blue, mashed potatoes, and peas, and had a fun family party in the evening.

I'm so proud of Anthony and all his hard work this past year. He made a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before his birthday and even though he slacked off during the summer he picked it up again, stuck with it, and finished with a week to spare. He was so excited when he finished and then asked me, "What do I do now?" Not sure what he thought of my answer which was, "start again!" He decided to take the week off and start again after his birthday and read a page a day.

Anthony has been working hard in cub scouts and at a recent Blue and Gold Banquet he was excited to receive several awards and is very close to finishing up his Webelos. Not sure how he turned out to be such a hard working boy and it has been fun to see him set a goal and go for it!

Anthony got lots of cards in the mail and carefully took the time to read each one.

Trevor was excited to give Anthony the Lego star wars activity book he picked out.

Michaela came up with this idea for Anthony's cake. The lego set is new which Michaela bought for his birthday present and did the cake as a surprise. Anthony was so excited when he saw the cake. Wish I had the camera going when he came downstairs and saw the cake. He gave Michaela a big hug!

Jeremiah captured this shot the other night. Such a peaceful sleeping boy who still likes to snuggle with his soft baby and gorilla.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Good luck with the Webelo stuff (that was not my favorite year!) :) How can our kids be getting so old when we keep staying so young?

Vicki said...

Ohh...Such a sweet boy! I love you Anthony!

Cami said...

cute. Love the cake!