It's all fun and games...

...until someone decides to be cute.

That's what it was like when I took the kids to play in the gym at our church building late this afternoon. I can say, gratefully, that most of the head-shots taken were unintentional. Thank goodness for thick-headed children.

My secret shame: I am only now, going into day 8 of my bachelorhood, considering doing the laundry--and it's only because I am running really low on clean undergarments.

Another secret shame: setting back the time on this post so it looks like I might have gotten to bed at a decent hour.

The children are almost as excited as I am that Mommy is coming back tomorrow. They want to put up balloons and make cards and have a special dinner. Split-pea soup is special, right?


Cami said...

HA! The time-setting back doesn't work if you tell us.

Tamara said...

You mean the split-pea soup that I made before I left so you would have leftovers to eat? Yes, it was a special dinner!