Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays!

We've just been partying around here and loving every minute of it! Monday was Trevor's birthday and yesterday was my birthday. What a fun way to start off our spring break.

Yesterday was a great day and the best birthday present of all was the fact that Jeremiah took the day off and was home with the kids and I.

I started off my birthday by going to the gym to workout and then came home and played a few games of tennis with the kids. We are really loving our new wii!

Jeremiah and I then went out to breakfast without kids! I love having an at home babysitter. After breakfast we decided to pack a little picnic lunch and go for a walk on the Rail Trail. Emersynne loved riding in the wagon and we all loved enjoying the beautiful spring day.

I even got a nap while the little ones were napping and then Jeremiah got out the BBQ for the first time this season and we had delicious hamburgers for an early dinner before Michaela had to head out to mutual for the youth temple trip.

The evening was a little hectic with Michaela needing to be up at the church so early to get her ride to the temple and then Natalie and Anthony needing to go up later in the evening for Activity Days and Cub scouts. Jeremiah took the kids up and after I got the little ones into bed I played with wii fitness that I got for my birthday. We've already had lots of fun trying it out and now the kids are excited to get set up so they can try to beat daddy and mommy's best scores on the games.

I almost forgot to mention my triple chocolate-chocolate cake that we ate last night. The last of the cake is still sitting in the fridge tempting me.

It was a wonderful day!


Jenn said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday!!

Nadia said...

What a lovely day! Happy birthday, Tamara!

Cami said...

Happy Birthday! We're in birthday season too.