First ride of the season

The bikes are finally out of storage and Saturday (June 19th) we were adventurous enough to take our first family ride. With the incentive of breakfast on the trail we got an early start and managed to beat the heat (mostly)!

At the trail head listening to safety instructions from daddy.

Emersynne's favorite part was the honey bun!

Trevor is not confident enough on his own bike to ride so this setup works really well. He does need to get better at pulling his load or he is going to finish me off! When we get to a hill it feels like a dead weight trying to pull me backwards. By the end of our ride I think he was starting to get it but maybe that was because I was yelling "PEDAL TREVOR, PEDAL!" so we could make it up the hill.

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Cami said...

Hey, I should try that with my boys while they learn to ride. Great idea!