The lake adventure

Friday our adventure took us to the lake at Rutland State Park. This is something we usually do several times over the summer and the kids were very excited to go. Natalie even said, "I can't believe it's only the third day of summer vacation and we are already going to the lake!"

To make it even more fun we met some friends there and the kids all had a blast.

It took Emersynne awhile to know what to do with the sand but she really liked the water.

Anthony spent a lot of time trying to catch a fish in his little net but didn't have any luck.

Trevor loves sand! I think he spent more time digging in the sand than he did in the water.

Once again I thought we would only stay a few hours but five hours after we left our house we arrived back home and thankfully, I think we left most of the sand at the lake. Natalie gets the award for the quote of the day. I heard her saying to the kids, "That was really fun and daddy didn't even go." OUCH! That comment hurt but it's true. Daddy is more fun than mommy but I'm glad I was able to show my kids that Mommy can be fun too.

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