Free friday disaster

Yesterday the Franklin Park Zoo was free so we decided to go on an adventure and visit the zoo. We've never been to any zoos out here and several of my children haven't ever been to the zoo at all. Our last weeks free friday adventure to Plymouth went so well so we were excited for more fun.

We got a later start than originally planned but Michaela was a great helper in reading me our mapquest directions and we got there without any incidents. It soon became very clean that everybody in the state of MA wanted to go to the zoo for free and there was no parking to be found anywhere! After driving through the different parking lots and seeing the masses of people walking up to the zoo we realized it was not going to work. I drove out of the park and thought I was going the way I came but soon realized I had no idea where I was or even what direction I was going in. One of the big reasons I don't go to Boston! It is a very confusing city and almost impossible to navigate.

I called Jeremiah and he was able to talk us through while looking at maps online. We found a much needed bathroom, had a snack, and started in the direction of Jessica's house. I was so ready to turn around and go home but felt that was not fair to the kids who were disappointed in not getting to go to the zoo. Our cousin Jessica who lives in the Boston area called before we left our house and invited us to play at a water park near her home if the zoo was too crowded.

With Jessica's patience she was able to help me navigate the streets around the Charles River and after a few missed attempts we found the park, changed into swimsuits, ate our lunch, and were ready for some fun in the water.

Our day started out rough and was rather stressful but it was nice to end it with some fun. Thanks to Jessica who saved the day! We had a great time playing with Jessica, Thomas, and Lydia. Hopefully the kids will remember the fun we had at the water park and forget about their mom freaking out because she was lost in Boston!


Jenn said...

water park sounds better than the Zoo! Sorry about your bad morning!

Cami said...

I hate getting lost. That's why I only went into DC a few times!

Nadia said...

I hear you... It is so scary to be in a huge city without having any idea where to go... well it won't be too bad if it was just you but with kids... just scary. I think I was getting lost about every other day when we first moved to Virginia. Jeremy's full time job was to navigate me out of trouble while keeping his other job ;-)

Jen said...

What a fun water park! Sorry about your morning "adventure". Sure isn't fun getting lost when the children are with you! Thank goodness for husbands, and the internet!