The Journey Begins

On July 27th we had six very excited children bouncing around our house. We carefully packed up the car and headed to Connecticut to catch our flight to CA. The kids had been waiting all summer for this adventure and the long day ahead of us didn't seem to dull their excitement. By the time we got to the airport Abigail seemed a little less excited and I just figured she was tired. When she declined the offer of chicken nuggets from McDonald's I was starting to panic. As we stood in line to board our plane I looked back and saw Abigail leaning against Jeremiah and was shocked to see that she had absolutely no color to her already rather pale face. Then came the complaints of her stomach hurting. We got settled in our seats on the plane and hoped for the best.

Here is the crew passing time at the airport with a game of "Go Fish"

Let's just say that "best" isn't what we got. It seemed that poor Abigail had picked up some stomach bug and I was suddenly glad that she hadn't wanted to eat lunch. On previous airplane rides the only thing we have used the little white bags for was puppets. Not so with this flight. Natalie was even kind enough to bring some more to us on one of her trips to the bathroom. Our plane ride was a little bumpy and the passengers around us all assumed that was what her problem was. I didn't give them any more information than necessary but did know that Abigail was running a fever. The less other people know the better right? Poor thing was miserable and was so certain the plane was making her sick. She cried and just wanted to go home. But we made it. Lots of little white bags and a change of clothes later we landed in Oakland, CA.

Poor Abigail actually looked "green" several times during our flight.

Now my fear was that we had come with sick children and were going to spread it to the rest of the family right before the wedding. Luckily Abigail was the only one who got sick and within two days she was back to her happy little self. She did say that she didn't want to go home on the airplane because the airplane made her "frow up" It took our entire vacation for us to convince her that the airplane didn't make her sick.

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