Not Again!?!

So last week Trevor got a honorary post because of his incident of swallowing his CTR ring. I'm still trying to figure out if he is trying to get mentioned most in our family journal or if he just has some uncontrollable urges to discover cause and effect.

Yesterday Trevor and Abigail were fighting (screaming at the top of their lungs) over a game. The game got taken away and they were each sent to their beds for a time out. I was quite proud of myself and how calmly I handled the situation. Trevor kept screaming at me when I took the game away but I quietly walked out of his room and shut the door. I went back downstairs to start making dinner and a few minutes later Trevor opened his door and asked if he could blow his nose. I told him yes and went back to cutting my peppers for fajitas. Pretty soon Trevor was sobbing and coming downstairs. He was trying to tell me something but I had no idea what he was saying. He wrapped his arms around me and I noticed that it wasn't the angry cry from earlier but it was a scared cry. And then I finally understood what he was saying. Mixed in with his sobs I was able to pick out the words "LEGO" and "NOSE". That was all I needed to piece it all together and then I was furious, extremely furious. This was the same child that a week ago put his CTR ring in his mouth and "accidentally" swallowed it and now he stuck a lego up his nose? I quickly sent Trevor back up to sit on his bed because I didn't trust myself to be around him (that's how angry I was) and called Jeremiah to have him come home. I could see the lego up inside Trevor's nose but I was afraid of pushing it further in while trying to get it out. Jeremiah came home with some forceps and the lego was easily removed.

But now I'm left to wonder why my 6 year old is doing this. Should I tape something over his ears to keep him from trying to put something in there next week?

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Cami said...

Seriously, these stories scare me. None of my kids have swallowed and/or stuck anything inside of noses or ears yet. (Knocking on wood.) I guess once I thought Jane swallowed a magnet, but I think I was wrong.