Happy Thanksgiving

Well, our day didn't exactly go as planned but we managed to make the best of it. Our friends the Green's invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner along with some other families that were going to be there. We had our food preparations all set and the house smelled delicious. Our food was packed up and the kids were putting on coats when Trevor (who hadn't been feeling good) threw up. Fortunately I managed to get him over to the sink so there was really no cleanup. Poor guy. No fun being sick and especially no fun on holidays. We put our coats away and I put Trevor to bed. The fact that he slept all afternoon is saying something. That kid does not take naps so I knew he was sick.

We sat down to our own little dinner and although the food tasted wonderful it was rather sad to not have Trevor or Emersynne sitting with us for our Thanksgiving feast. Emersynne had decided she had had enough "fun" and went down for her nap before we sat down to eat.

Trevor was sad to miss out on the feast but we assured him there was plenty of food and we would do it all again the next day. Friday we had our Thanksgiving dinner take two and I think we all enjoyed it much more since we could all be together.

Abigail didn't have any trouble cleaning up her plate. Yummy food!

Anthony and Natalie got to take care of the turkey when we were done and they did a good job getting all the meat off for us to eat later. They then got to do the wishbone and Natalie was sad she didn't win because her wish was for Trevor to feel better. So sweet!

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