Auntie to the rescue!

I was chatting with my sister this morning and trying to figure out how to keep all of us from going crazy with our fifth snow day in three weeks. She had seen a cute Valentine craft idea and sent me the link. Since we don't have any Valentine decorations I figured this was a perfect idea. After the kids got their chores done we got ready for some craft time.

Poor Emersynne always gets shoved in her chair with some token craft like stickers or playdough

Everyone got right to work shaving crayons onto wax paper and it was fun to see the color combination everyone picked. I think the part everyone enjoyed most of all was getting to use the iron. Silly kids. Maybe I will have to put them to work so they can use the iron more often!

The finished project hanging in our dining room windows where the sun catches them. Even though Emersynne was not happy to be stuck in her chair during the project, she was impressed with the pretty hearts.


Julia said...

So glad I could be of help! They turned out wonderful!

Amy and Jeff said...

Hey, I saw your post and made some for my window too! Thanks for the idea :)

Vicki said...

I remember making these with my kids. They look great! Yay for Auntie ChaCha!