A fun visit

During our not so fun February vacation Jeremiah's parents were brave enough to come for a visit. We had snow, rain, sunshine, cold temperatures, and even a few days with temperatures in the fifties. I guess they got a little bit of our crazy weather all crammed into the two week period they were here.

Since we didn't have a car we could all fit into we found lots to do at home and even used the bus a few times for some outings.

Abigail got to go on the bus with Grandma and Grandpa one afternoon while the kids were at school. I'm not sure if she was more excited about the bus ride or the donut.

We had lots of shopping trips that always had a way of turning into a fun adventure.

Grandma Vicki was patient to help the three older kids make cute owls.

We had lots of game time,
and tickle time,
and even some outside time.

We had a great visit and Abigail is still telling me how much she really really misses Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks Mom and Dad for braving our winter New England weather to come for a visit. Just think, next time you come we will have lots more room! Yippee!

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