House pictures

Things are looking better now that the grass is turning green.

Our sun room or "sunspot" as Trevor calls it. So far this room has been used as a homework room, (Natalie's favorite spot to do homework) reading room, craft room, and we love having a good place for kids to put shoes on and take them off.

Other end of the sun room

Kitchen with our new table that seats eight so we can now all fit around the table!

Computer room looking into the family room

Boys room--Their bunk beds are waiting to be remade into single twin beds since it will fit their room space better.

Little girls room

Upstairs bathroom

Master bedroom

The basement is a disaster but at least we have a place to keep stuff where we don't have to trip over it until we get the rest of things organized. The big girls room is not set up since we are waiting to get their bed finished painted. Once their bunk bed is put together they will have lots more space to move around. Their room is the smallest room but they are so excited to only have the two of them in a room instead of sharing it with the two little girls.


Kathryn said...

Beautiful! Y'all must be loving all the space! I love the wood floors and all the rugs.

Kathryn said...

PS- We're going private so check my blog post for what to do if you want to access the private blog in a week.

Jenn said...

Love it! So beautiful! Have fun making it YOURS!!

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

Wow! Nice post, hon!

Samantha Allred said...

Looks great, you guys!