The big 5!

We now have a five year old at our house and she can't wait to start kindergarten in the fall. We had a fun filled day that started with strawberry picking and ended with a party. It was a very hot day so we made sure to hit the strawberry fields as early as possible. As soon as the other kids got on the bus we were on our way and were picking strawberries at 8:15. I was surprised at how fast it went and in just 45 minutes the girls and I had picked 17 pounds of strawberries. Yummy!

Can you tell that Eme enjoyed eating the strawberries while picking. I was glad I picked out a pink shirt for her to wear. It hid the strawberry juice stains!

The birthday girl!

A trip to the farm wouldn't be complete without a fresh strawberry donut and some playtime at the playground.

The girls had such a great time playing on the slides and swings but by 10am it was really hot so we headed home to play in the water and have a picnic lunch.

Later that evening our friends the Deskins joined us for dinner, presents, cake and ice cream. Abigail kept saying it was the best day even.

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