A few days ago the little girls and I stopped at Jeremiah's work to drop something off. Jeremiah met us in the parking lot and had a little treat for each of the girls. He handed each of them an individually wrapped lifesaver and carefully explained that they were to suck on and not chew. The girls were so excited and quickly popped them into their mouths.

Jeremiah and I were carrying on a conversation when all of a sudden we heard Emersynne say to Abigail, "You suck" to which Abigail responded with a "no, you suck" and then Emersynne again saying, "you suck too Abigail."

Good to know they were watching out for each other and making sure they were sucking on their lifesavers. Sure hope we didn't shock anybody that may have been walking by our car at just the right moment.

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Julia said...

LoL now THAT"S funny!