We have a graduate in our house and now the next step is High School. Wow! That sounds scary! Because of all the snow days we've had this school year Michaela was forced to decide between missing her first youth conference at Palmyra, New York, or missing her Junior High School Graduation. For a few weeks she went back and forth and then an opportunity came up for her to attend her graduation and go out to New York later in the day.

We attended Michaela's graduation and were all surprised when the Principal got up and started to describe the student the faculty and staff and picked to receive the Principal's award. Suddenly I realized that everything they were saying matched with Michaela. Michaela was completely shocked when her name was called and she went up to receive her award. We are really proud of Michaela and I'm so glad she was able to work things out so she could be at her graduation AND go to Youth Conference.

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