The missing clothes

Yesterday after folding laundry I gave Emersynne a little pile of her clothes to go put away. She has done this before and is always excited to be treated like a big girl. She loves to help!

Last night when it was time to put her jammies on they were nowhere to be found. I then realized that her jammies got washed and were in the pile I had her put away. I have looked all over the house for that pile of clothes and they seem to have disappeared. Of course when I ask Emersynne where she put them I just get a blank stare. I've checked her drawer, her closet, the laundry basket, and in the other laundry baskets. Jeremiah suggested I look in the trash. Not a happy thought but I guess it is worth looking into.

Next time I give her clothes to put away I think I will follow her to make sure they get put in her drawer!

If Emersynne keeps this up she may have to start dressing like this. Anthony thought it was funny to dress her in his hat, sweatshirt, and shoes.

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