Music Play

I got some pretty sweet presents yesterday. Two pounds of chocolate (half is really an early present for Tamara), Spam bandaids, dozens of snickerdoodles, new gloves, pens, favorite candies, The Prince of Persia DVD, a Perry the Platypus shirt (insert platypus sound here), and two Rock Band™ games for Wii ™ + the Beatles™ Rock Band™ Wii™ controllers...™.

I think my favorite moments so far have been seen my kids play the faux drums. Emersynne is cute, and Trevor was a surprise. He actually nailed a pretty tricky song playing for the (ready, Angie?)... First. Time. Ever.

I wish I could be home today when the munchkins arrive from school and make the long faces when Mommy says that it's homework time, not Rock Band™ time.

(from Randall Munroe at xkcd)
 Not to worry though, folks, the kids will be getting plenty of brain-rotting video game action in the near future if I have anything to do with it.

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