Since March Anthony has been working on his Biking Merit Badge with his scout troop.  They've had lots of check rides that have been gradually getting longer in preparation for the two day, 75 mile, tri-state ride.  Yesterday Emersynne and I dropped him off at the church parking lot with all his gear for the campout.  Once all the boys had loaded their gear in the support vehicle the boys and leaders rode out of the church parking lot and headed for their campsite in Sturbridge some 25 miles away.

Today the ride continued with the boys needing to complete 50 miles in one stretch in order to get their merit badge.  Anthony made it to mile 28 when his bike broke down and could not be repaired.  I felt so bad for him but he was a trooper and finished up the trip riding in the support vehicle.  He and Jeremiah will plan a trip so he can do his 50 miles and complete all the requirements for his merit badge.  Anthony was disappointed but still had a really good time.

Anthony all set for the first leg of the trip.

It was super hot yesterday but the boys were well prepared.

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Adam Green said...

Hi Jones Family!! We miss you guys, the biking adventure sounds awesome, sorry about Anthony's bike though. Hopefully you're having a great summer!!