Rights and Responsibilities

The following are just a few thoughts from what I said to one of my children tonight as we discussed a situation that had arisen due to a poor decision.

We need to take responsibility for our actions. Admitting that we made a mistake is not the same as saying that we wanted something bad to happen. Receiving accountability for what we have done opens the way towards receiving forgiveness.

Although we need to seek for forgiveness from those whom we have harmed, ultimately, we must receive forgiveness from two sources in order to be at peace. We must ask God to forgive us our sins. We must forgive ourselves the sins that we have made.

God wants to help us. He loves us. He will help the sincere soul find serenity. We must believe that we will receive forgiveness when we ask for it. We must persistently ask God for forgiveness until we have enough faith to receive it.

Each child of God must love himself. If we do not have that love, we will not see ourselves as the offspring of our Heavenly Father, and we will not be able to detect the divine heritage that we each possess. I am not a bad person because I have made a bad choice. I can go to my God with confidence, for I am his child, and he loves me enough to help me onto the path to making the right choice.

Posted by Jeremiah on March 12, 2007 at 11:59-ish PM

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