South Beach Diet - Day 6

Still no significant weight loss to announce for the last few days.

Today Natalie gave me a cute Father's Day card. It is Natalie's representation of me helping her get across the monkey bars in the boys' room.

I love her little round people

The youth in our ward put on a "Mad Hatter Dinner" in order to raise funds for their various camping trips this summer. Everyone was asked to come wearing a crazy hat. Tamara even agreed to wear matching hats. After we were outbid on every cake at the anticipated cake auction, a fellow parishioner handed Tamara a cake for which he had bid $65. Nice! And the cake tasted good, or so I was told by the kids, who were only too glad to eat it for Mommy and Daddy.

What a good sport

Of course, with all the craziness at our house yesterday, Tamara didn't get out to the grocery store until after eight-thirty. After she left, I tried to get the kids ready for bed.

Trevor had obviously had difficulty getting dressed for bed

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