Be Grateful for What You Have

The saying--You don't know how good you have it until it's gone--is something I've learned all to well these past few months.

For the last 6 years I've lugged my laundry down to the laundry room at the end of my building.  I think I've been a pretty good sport about it but have been known to occasionally complain and wish for my own home with my own washer and dryer.  Ok, so maybe it's been more than occasional complaining.  It's not so bad when the weather is nice but when I have to traipse through snow and ice it isn't so fun. 

About two months ago I got a rude awakening when I lugged my laundry down the cement stairs to find a sign posted on the door.  The laundry room would remain closed until further notice and I would have to use one of the other three remaining laundry facilities on the property.  My day was already not getting off to a good start!  The next closest laundry room was about three times as far.  I was not a happy camper and my mood quickly went sour.  

So, for two months now I've been lugging my laundry back and forth to the other laundry room.  I've stretched laundry days out to once a week.  I figure if it's going to be such a pain and hassle it's better to get it all done in one day.  Why ruin any more days than I have to right?  My grumblings have gotten less noticable as I've learned to accept this new situation.  

The lesson I've learned is that I need to be more grateful for what I have when I have it.  I'm still grateful that I have a way to do laundry but I will be more grateful when the laundry room in my building will be open once again!  I didn't realize how nice it was to only have to carry it to the end of my building instead of carrying it all to the other side of the property.   I can't say that I will stop wishing for my own home with my own washer and dryer but I will be more grateful for what I have now! 


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

I'm grateful to have such a hard working (and strong) wife.


Seriously, folks, you don't want to mess with a woman who's lugged laundry for six years. Now you know how she keeps me in line!

Tamara said...

Ha! Ha! Very funny!

The only reason I've lasted 6 years with lugging the laundry is because I have an awesome husband that helps whenever he can.

angie said...

and I hadn't even read this post when I commented on the last one. Hoping the closer laundry room opens soon.