This is a reverent place to be

Natalie drew this picture during our church meetings. It's our ward choir performing during Sacrament meeting.

We've found that if we give the children paper, writing implements, and some encouragement to take written or pictorial notes, they will be much more focused on what is said. Natalie, in fact, did not hesitate last night when, around the dinner table, the children were asked to remember one thing that one person had said during Fast and Testimony meeting earlier that day.

"Mini missions!"

That earned her an extra cherry on her sundae.

Michaela and Anthony have improved their attentiveness as well, but are still struggling a little bit with distractions of their own creation. On the Sunday prior to Halloween, Tamara had to temporarily confiscate Anthony's pad and pencil when he repeatedly refused to stop drawing bats instead of taking notes. Yesterday, Michaela, who has graduated to completely hand-written notes, digressed to drawing what looked like stick figures in a scene from "Singin' in the Rain."

Still, Tamara and I are pleased with the improvement, and continue to encourage the children to listen and take notes. I have found that my own note taking has also improved over the past few weeks.


Tamara said...

Didn't someone mention bats? Isn't that a pretty common topic during Sacrament meeting? Ha! Ha! I love how Anthony is always trying to get me to play tic-tac-toe with him. I think he's trying to get me in trouble!

angie said...

Will have to try this. I usually don't bring ANYTHING to church because traditionally it caused fights, but if each one has their own, maybe it'll work out really well........it's worth a try! :)

vickiandwally said...

Natalie- We loved your drawing of the choir singing! Good job (and good job listening so well in Sacrament meeting!)
We love you lots!!!
Gramma and Grampa J