Beautiful Thanksgiving

I was surrounded by my beautiful family on Thanksgiving day, and that would have been enough, but I had the pleasure of enjoying some artwork that my children created.

Michaela helped Tamara bake the pies for our feast. They made this cute turkey for the top of the pumpkin pie, which was delicious.

Natalie provided some paintings and drawings that she had made in school. One of my favorites was this painting and collage of some brilliant orange flowers.


Vicki said...

JR, I couldn't find the little icons in the top left of the last two pictures for me to "save to" my pictures. I do this often so I can have those cute pictures to print if I want to.
Michaela and Natalie, I'm very impressed with your artistic abilities! That pie sure looked yummy!!!

Jenn said...

what a yummy looking pie and a cute picture! Glad you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

Cami said...

cute pie and painting! How very festive.

jenniferkrey said...

Very cute! Happy "Belated" Thanksgiving!!!