My many names

Last school year I started volunteering in the elementary school library and I'm doing it again this year. It's been fun to see my children in their school environment and to meet their little friends.

I think, however, that my favorite part about it is hearing what the little school children call me. Last year I learned to answer to "Hello, Anthony's mom" or "Hello Natalie's mom" and occasionally there was a "Hello Michaela's Mom" but since they are bigger kids they pretty much just stick to Mrs. Jones.

A few weeks ago one of Anthony's classmates called me Mrs. Anthony which made me smile as I tried real hard not to laugh. I thought it was really cute but figured a 2nd grade boy would be embarrassed if I thought he was cute!

Even though these names have made me smile and occasionally laugh, today topped it all! After reading a story to the preschool class one little boy was trying to get my attention to tell me something. It took me a little bit to realize he was talking to me because he was calling me Mrs. Library. I think that one is my all time favorite!


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

I accidentally deleted my mom's comment:

"That's a great story, Mrs. Library!
It made me laugh too!
I love you,

angie said...

This is so funny! With 5 kids, you have a lot of names, but adding Mrs. Library to the list tops all! :)

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

"Mrs. Library" sure trumps "Mrs. Laundry!"

Jenn said...

When my mom taught art at the elementary school some kid in 5th grade said "yo mama" of course my mom wouldn't take that-- Love Mrs. Library.