Life-changing link #2: blogger.com

Wow! This is the 82nd post to Eastern Blog Country. What is really interesting, though, is that this is the 41st post for November. Since Tamara has hopped on the blogging bandwagon at the beginning of the month and we made the switch to blogger.com, posts to EBC have increased remarkably, and we have a full half of our posts for this year in November!

I have enjoyed putting up photos and news online since January. It has been nice to have such an easy format by which to share the happenings here in Worcester with my family out West. Blogging has even helped me retain my sanity when I have been in situations that were difficult for me to deal with, including when Tamara went to visit her folks for a week, and when I was coping with the first stages of my new diet.

I think that Tamara now has caught on to how much fun this can be, too. We both enjoy feeling more connected to our friends and family that live far away. Our web log is also a journal of sorts, and it feels good to chronicle our family's adventures and drollery of everyday life in the Jones household.

As I mentioned above, EBC has migrated to blogger.com, which I have sometimes referred to by the outdated "blogspot.com". I started my blog on Clark University's web server in tandem with the website that I had been maintaining since before we moved out to Massachusetts. Moving over to blogger.com has made a huge difference. While I occasionally miss the elasticity of being able to easily change code for my entire site, the ease of use of blogger.com has eliminated the tedium of scrutinizing lines of html and effectively changed the frequency of my posts and finally dispelled the remaining technological bogeymen that kept my esteemed coauthor from joining me initially on the blog.

No mention of how blogger.com has changed my life would be complete without including a plug for my friend's blog. Angie Lee is the sanity behind the craziness of Seven Clown Circus, which blog eventually convinced me that I should make the switch to blogger.com. Thanks, Angie!

Life-changing link #1: ReadtheScriptures.com


angie said...

Thanks for the plug. Beautifully put. Not the plug, but reasons for changing over and how it's changed the way you blog. If only everyone knew how much satisfaction and enjoyment can be obtained by maintaining ones own site......adding personal touches, reading comments, journaling whatever is important in that second, connecting with others. I'm a very thankful blogger. I'm so glad that you moved over to blogger even if you lost some automony because I'm loving being able to feel more connected. And Tamara, I'm so glad you've joined the blogging world. I was missing your "voice"! :)

Vicki said...

I'm feeling the pulllllllllllllll myself!
I'll have to check out Blogger.com soon.
I love checking everyday to see if you two have added anything to that I'm at least a small part of what's happening there in Mountain Village, Apt 136!!!

ps= waiting for that video of Abigail's "steps"

jenniferkrey said...

I'm glad you guys post! I love checking in on you. It's so nice to read about what my family is doing around the world. I also like to comment and receive your comments. It makes me feel closer than the many miles that separate us! I love you guys!