Natalie's birthday party

Natalie's 6th birthday is coming up so this past weekend we had her birthday party. This was her first party other than family parties. She was very excited and carefully selected the 8 friends that she wanted to invite. I set the limit to 8 people while secretly hoping that about half would be out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend. All but one came and we even had an uninvited little brother of one of the friends she did invite. I must have had my "free baby sitting" sign up on my door that morning!
Anyway, back to the party. We had a turkey theme. So we made turkey hands, played bite the bag, pin the feather on the turkey, opened presents, and ate turkey cookies and ice cream. It was a pretty quiet bunch but it seems like they all had a good time. I know Natalie had a great time and I guess that is what is important right?!

Instead of doing cake we made these turkey cookies and served them with ice cream cups. Michaela, Anthony, and Natalie even helped make them.  They were a big hit and fun for the kids to make.  
Natalie with her friend Sam who was also having his birthday party on the same day.  Sam came to Natalie's party in the morning and then Natalie went to Sam's party in the afternoon.  I think they were both partied out!


Vicki said...

Oh Natalie!!! You're such a doll! Gramma loves you and here's a big Birthday Hug and Kiss!

Jill said...

looks like fun! But considering Gracie spent Saturday night throwing up I guess it's good she didn't come.