Thanksgiving photos

Even though it was only a few days ago, Thanksgiving seems so long ago. We had a good day although it was a bit on the quiet side ( as quiet as it can be with 5 kids running around!) with just us and 2 of our neighbors. The kids enjoyed watching the parade and helping out in the kitchen since everyone had an assignment or two. The kids each picked things they wanted to be in charge of for our Thanksgiving dinner and I jokingly said to them, "Look at that, I assigned all the food out and don't have to do anything!" Natalie immediately started freaking out because she didn't know how to make cranberry jell-o all by herself. We all had fun working together in the kitchen to get things ready and had a really good day.

Michaela hard at work grating orange peels for our home made cranberry sauce.

The cranberry sauce was a first for us.  Jeremiah found a recipe that sounded good so we gave it a shot.  It was very colorful and tasty!

Natalie's artwork brought some nice color to our dining room.  We even had a paper bag turkey on our table for our center piece that she made in her kindergarten class.  Just don't tell Martha Stewart!
Anthony was in charge of the mashed potatoes and stuffing.  He also did a great job setting the table!
Trevor  really enjoyed his dinner.  He has even learned to eat side saddle!

Believe it or not this is the seat the kids all want.  The little table made out of the piano bench with a polly bucket seat.  It is just the right size for Natalie so she was the lucky person this Thanksgiving.
Abigail really did enjoy Thanksgiving even if it doesn't look like it from this photo.  I think she realized that learning to walk is exhausting!  Luci (our neighbor) joined us for our meal.


jenniferkrey said...

Those are wonderful photos of the day! I love how all of the kids are involved. I'll have to remember that!

Cami said...

That looks like how I make cranberry sauce. Is that oranges with peel? I chop my cranberries though. Looks like a great day!

Vicki said...

What fun you are making the holidays for your kids. Lots of memories!
Good on you!