Pitter-patter of little feet

The children were in bed when Tamara and her mom left to go shopping this evening. Everything was quiet -- for a little while.

As I sat downstairs on the couch, I heard the ladder on the boys' bed clatter, and then the floor creak as someone walked out into the hall.Then I saw Anthony's head poke down just low enough for me to see.


"Yes?" was my slightly gruff reply.

"Around the circle--is that how long you'll be my dad?"

"Yes... Anthony?"


(This is where I should have stopped, I think.)

"If my foot is square, what shape will it leave on your buttocks?

"Uhhh... Oh!"

Then came the quick patter of feet all the way back to bed.


jenniferkrey said...

Anthony's question made me smile...yours made me laugh! You are so great. I wish we lived closer!

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

me too!

someday, i hope!