Well, my Momma told me to always look for the silver lining. That's what I've tried to do this evening.

I found a stereo on craigslist.com, and Tamara and I went to check it out. The seller was expecting us at about 4:45, and we pulled into the driveway pretty much right on time. I parked the car in the driveway, Tamara passed her mobile phone off to Michaela, and we left the kids in the minivan munchin' on some french fries and chicken nuggets as we went in to the house.

As soon as we had been invited inside, the phone rang. I laughed and picked it up, wondering what Michaela needed to call about so soon.

"We just got hit! Our car got ran into by another car!"

Before I could even get off the phone, the man of the house was coming upstairs and telling me that he had backed into our car. I left Tamara to inspect the stereo a little more, and went out to check on the kids. They were a little shaken up, but otherwise okay. That was some of the silver lining. The sliding door, on the other hand, was not doing okay. The truck had backed up into it hard enough to render the door completely nonfunctional.

I moved the car, we exchanged information, and we left with our new stereo. As we drove off, the kids explained what happened.

Anthony was first to shed some light on the incident. "He came out of the garage, and hit our car. Then he got out and looked at the car and said, 'Damage!'"

He he he. Yeah, sure. He said "damage." There's some more of the silver lining.


angie said...

I'm glad you found the silver lining to the story, and that the man only said, "damage". :) What a HUGE bummer about the door.

Jenn said...

and I hope you got the stereo for free??

Vicki said...