It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving our Christmas tree went up. That was a record for our house. It sat with only lights on for a week before we got around to decorating it. While we had to move furniture around to find a good place for the tree that was not children accessible, I think we are finally happy with the final product. Jeremiah really wanted the tree up so he gladly did all the work. I came home to find the tree up and the furniture neatly arranged not knowing until the kids told me later that they had to try several different spots before Daddy found the right one.

Our big splurge this year was buying matching stockings and a new treeskirt. This is our twelvth Christmas and it was our first time purchasing a treeskirt. The one we have been using was a hand-me-down. It has been well loved and well used and it was time for something new.

Buying the stockings was a difficult matter. What we ended up with would not have been my first choice but since we needed 7 stockings we kind of had to go with the style that had enough for all of us. With some personalized touches they look great!

I love sitting downstairs and enjoying the lights on the tree. Just wish I had a nice fire place to sit by as well on these cold winter nights!


angie said...

Smart to get all 7 stockings at the same time so they match! Where did you end up putting the tree?

Vicki said...

where are the pictures?? must see pictures!
Love you!!!

Tamara said...

The tree is in front of our windows in our living room with the love seat against the far wall and the sofa across from it. The coffee table is strategically placed in-between the two couches and in front of the tree to keep Abigail away from the tree. So far it has worked. You just have to be careful when you sit down on the far end of the couch or you will hit your knees on the table. It might look funny but it is nice to not have to constantly watch Abigail for fear of her getting into the tree.

Pictures are coming. I'd had this post written for awhile waiting to get a picture but decided to just get it up and add the photos later.

Laurie said...

A fireplace! wouldn't that be the dream? I love to watch our tree as well. There is just something about lights. Next year we will have to work out something strategic as well. Brian mentioned that last night that next year Andrea will be crawling possibly walking.

Jenn said...

Yes, must see pictures!! I love sitting by the tree and looking at the lights. Just wish I had more time to do it of course.