Creature of Habit!

I admit it!  I am very much a creature of habit.  My daily routines help me remember what day it is.  So, today I'm very messed up.  

Sunday didn't feel like Sunday because church was cancelled.  We now have 20 inches of snow on the ground thanks to that storm!  

Monday morning we woke up to find that school was cancelled as well.  The tail end of the storm left a coating of ice all over everything.

We took advantage of the kids being home from school to get some Christmas stuff done but all day long I kept thinking it was Saturday.    I guess it makes sense that today doesn't feel like Tuesday.  I keep thinking it's Monday.  At least it will seem like a short week!


angie said...

Isn't it funny how the routine of Sunday prepares us for the week? When do your kids get out of school?

Tamara said...

At the rate we're going it will be July before they are done with school!

Anthony was so excited for a snow day the other day until I told him that these weren't just free days off from school. He got this really confused look on his face that quickly changed to surprise when I told him that for each day they get off for snow they add on to the end of their school year. He isn't so quick to wish for snow days anymore.

Their last day is supposed to be the 13th of June but I'm sure it will be the week after that.

Are you guys getting lots of snow or any at all?

Laurie said...

School was cancelled for us as well on Monday. Problem was we have no idea why. The storm has stopped and the roads were clear, yet the Wed before when it was icy and really yucky, school was open. Brooke's bus got stuck and she was an hour late getting to school.