I'm it!

I’ve been tagged by my friend Angie of Seven Clown Circus so now I get to dream and come up with 5 places I would like to visit.

There are so many wonderful places in the world I would love to see, but since there are so many places in the United States I haven’t seen yet, my list will stick to the good old USA.

The first two places on my list are places I have fond memories of and would like to share those memories with my children.

  1. DISNEYLAND—Growing up in California and having family in Southern California gave me many opportunities to make lots of memories in the magical kingdom. It makes
    me feel a little sad that my children have never been (they don’t even know what Disneyland is) and I look forward to sharing this with them.
  2. MAMMOTH LAKES, CALIFORNIA--This is a favorite vacation spot that my family discovered when I was little. It is a very popular ski resort but we always went during the summer to take advantage of the fishing, hiking, and clean mountain air.
    Those were the good old day!
  3. GRAND CANYON—I love the wonders of nature and the photos I’ve seen of the Grand Canyon leave me amazed. I would love to see this in person!
  4. HAWAII—I’ve never been but the sand and clean water looks so inviting, and I would love to visit Pearl Harbor!
  5. PALMYRA, NEW YORK—This is practically in my own backyard but still a bit of a drive. It would be nice to visit while we are living so close. Will it happen this
    Only time will tell!
After days of thinking I've finally come up with my list. Now it is my job to tag 5 other people so they can have a chance to dream. Watch out! It may be you!


angie said...

Uh, OH! You and Jeremiah don't have any of the same destinations! :) Hopefully when you take your kids to Disneyland we can arrange a little rendezvous. Looks like we're heading back that way as soon as our house sells. Going up on the market soon.

Vicki said...

Maybe we can go to the Grand Canyon together. Being a "westerner" and never visiting the Grand Canyon? Shame on me!

Jenn said...

I've been to two of those places with you!! Wouldn't mind going to the rest either!! How bout it? Maybe in 100 years when the kids are gone?

Mark and Kiss said...

Great list Tamara! We did Palmyra about 3 times and its well worth it. It's not a bad drive, and it's kind of exciting if you can find a cheap place to stay. I think that the Grand Canyon and Hawaii would be on my list as well. Good luck! --Kirsten