A little chilly...

Not too bad--really it's the wind chill that gets ya.

We've just got about a foot of snow in the last 12 hours. School has been canceled, and the kids are clamoring about going sledding.

So, just how cold is it? The mercury is at 27° F right now, but that's only half the story. The wind, while not as strong as it is sometimes in these parts, is still rather brisk at 16 mph. The combination of these two factors is a wind chill factor of approximately 15° F. According to the chart below, proudly provided by the National Weather Service, at that wind chill, exposed skin can become frostbitten within half an hour.

The temperature is falling--it looks like we'll go now.

Be careful this winter, friends!


Jenn said...

you need to come back to California were it's 72 degrees today!

angie said...

I just talked to my dad who commented, "bet your glad your not back east right now!" He bet right! Stay warm.