Car Update

So, I feel that I am now getting to the point when I can calmly talk about what happened last week at the dealership. It may not have been a nightmare, but I was super hacked off as I drove away.


I was driving away at five o'clock. That's right--I had been there longer than the sales rep who sold me the car! But the screwiest part of the story--the part that had me driving away with steam coming out of my ears--was that the minivan hadn't even been fixed.

Okay--not all the way, at least. The parts for the fixes that Brendan, our salesman, had promised us had not even been ordered! How was the minivan going to get fixed without the parts on site?

Tomorrow will make two weeks since the date of purchase, and the fixes agreed upon before driving the vehicle off the lot have yet to be made, and Brendan isn't as eager to please as he was when we first went in to see the minivan.

I'm upset-upset with Brendan, and upset with me for not handling the situation more effectively.


angie said...

Oh no! I'm glad I'm not Brendan! :)

Cami said...

Oh, that not a very pleasant situation. This is why the purchase should be available AFTER the fixes, and not before.