PBJ du Jour #4 - Banana and Chocolate Chip

Local football team let you down flatter than a pancake? Here's a sandwich that will pick you right up again.

You need to start out by lightly toasting the bread that you'll be using. Spread a light layer of butter or margarine over both slices of bread while they're still warm, followed by peanut butter. Depending on how chocolaty you want your sandwich, sprinkle chocolate chips on one or both slices before toasting them again. Once the chocolate chips have begun to soften in the toaster, spread them out and lay the bananas on top of the layer of gooey chocolate and peanut butter.

The big draw of this sandwich for me--the melted chocolate really makes this sandwich seem more like a dessert--the peanut butter and melted chips are so rich. The banana and chocolate combination has long been a favorite of mine, and, with the banana firmly set in between the two slices of bread, I don't have to actually touch the banana.

This is sandwich also gets the Tamara seal of approval. She says, "It was yummy!" (Her sandwich is the one pictured. I actually only went with a half sandwich this time.)


Jenn said...

I MIGHT actually have to try this one!!

Mark and Kiss said...

Okay, much more appealing with out the mayo. Looks fun for kids too!

Cami said...

Oh dear. Just stop putting bananas on them! Well, maybe PB sandwiches are just not for me.