Day 5

Today has turned out to be a bummer of a day. A snowstorm has forced us to cancel our plans and we are stuck at home once again. This must be the last day of a very long week. We are all struggling to maintain our patience and the house is looking very lived in. (That's my nice way of saying it's a disaster!)

I started the laundry early this morning in hopes of getting it done before the heavy snow fall began. After 4 hours of endless trips back and forth in the snow, our 5 loads of laundry were home and clean. My main project for the morning was accomplished!

Our afternoon plans unfortunately didn't fare as well. The primary children in our ward had made plans to go visit a nursing home this afternoon. We had spent this past month working on songs to sing for the residents and last week during Sharing Time each of the children made a Valentine Card to hand out. We are hoping to be able reschedule and will just set the cards aside for another time.

The kids have still managed to make the best of the day and have enjoyed some outside time in the snow and are looking forward to our movie dinner night!

Yes, we survived the week and I think the kids had a lot of fun even with our bad weather and a very tired mommy!

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