Our Little Climber

I had never considered the possibility of having to pull one of my children off the top of our piano, but that is the situation in which I found myself over the weekend. As I was busy in the other part of the family room, Abigail climbed onto the love seat, spanned the gap between the armrest and the keyboard of our upright piano, and clambered up next to the music stand. As I turned around at the sound of laughter from the other children. Anthony was closest, and, luckily, was quick enough to first stabilize and then carefully pull her off of the piano. She has now made it three times (that we know of) onto her new favorite roost atop Piano Mountain.

Does anyone know how to baby proof a piano?


Vicki said...

Looks like Abigail has mastered the piano! The climbing of it, not the playing of it!
Go, You little Sherpa, You!
Love you,

Cami said...

oh man! That's crazy.

angie said...

Shock wire? Just kidding. If we had a piano I probably would have had to figure out how, but I'm stumped.

Laurie said...

That is a question for the books. I am still in shock about the idea of it. Kids have amazing abilities or maybe it is just the lack of fear. Good luck on your new quest.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Chester's a climber, too. He gets it from me. My mom said that she came into the kitchen once when I was under two years old and found me ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE!! Lucky for us, Chester hasn't even tried to climb out of his crib either. Funny how second cousins can be so alike!