What a cutie!

You would never guess looking at her face what a trouble maker this one is. She is so busy and gets into everything!

Just the other day I caught her just in time. She was sitting on the floor with a pencil in hand and a open book, (which happened to be a library book.) Just as she tucked her little head to begin her serious pose for coloring I was able to swoop in and grab the pencil.

Nothing seems to be safe or out of her reach anymore. I just wonder what is keeping her in her crib! Here's hoping that we have awhile before she learns that trick!


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

she IS cute...

who took that picture?

angie said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed. And, she IS SO cute~!

Vicki said...

ha ha HA!
My! My! Abigail! You've put yourself into high gear since I last saw you!
You Go, Girl!!!

Laurie said...

I love those glasses! So cute.